Hermès Tribu

photo credit:  SMOKE & MIRRORS

The above photo is just insane. It’s like an Hermès orgy.

I just die for anything Hermès.

I get this weird sense of awe and shock when I see anything from the brand, whether it’s a Birkin or Kelly held by a rich bitch at the mall or the HIGHLY coveted accessories like the Collier de Chien bracelet that’s owned by any fashionista who can afford the $1025 price tag.

I’ve wanted the bracelet above ever since I discovered who Kate Lanphear was. To those who don’t know, she’s a fashion editor/stylist who contributes to Elle US. She’s fierce. And has one of the most coveted collection of accessories in fashion.

Can you spot the bracelet? See what I mean about the arm candy. SO ENVIOUS.

I can only dream. And dream I will:)



Cruella Deville Eat Your Heart Out

Fur Fur Fur!!!!

I’m obsessed with fur. And like most of us, I can only dream of ever owning one in real life.

But still, one can dream. And dream, I will!

image from lefashionimage

Electric Blue Striped coat by Zac Posen

images from stopitrightnow


image from foreverboho.com

The image above is my favorite of the bunch. The spotted fur in middle is gorg. And the flyaway hair helps make it a spectacular shot.

image from stopitrightnow

The editorial above was in the November 2010 issue of American ELLE, shot beautifully by KT Auleta, and styled by the AMAZING Kate Lanphear.

Fur is such dominating piece of clothing that you wouldn’t wear it out to any such occasion. Or if you had the balls, wear it to the supermarket.

Me, I just  wanna wear it at home, snuggled up in a humongous fur, eatting hot cheetos, while watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And let’s not forget, a huge cup of ice filled with Coca Cola.


Hello Again…

It’s been too long since my last post.  I just felt like I didn’t have anything to offer the fashion blog universe (my term for the millions of fashion blogs that pop up every second).After a long hiatus, I feel like blogging again because my brain can’t contain all my crazy obsessions, wants, music finds, and, of course, fashion happenings that blew my mind while I was away from my precious blog.

So here’s what has happened in my life and in the fashion world while I was “away” from this blog of mine:


Yes, I sported horizontal stripes in recent months. Considering I’m not stick thin, I found a way to rock this look. I predict this trend will peter out pretty fast but it still won’t stop me from wanting a black and white striped cardigan.

– Military Green

It’s everywhere. Military green, I mean. Not Kim Kardashion, though some may argue that she is in fact ‘everywhere.’ Look at the military green Hermes Birkin. Bag envy big time! I’m green with it. Get it. HA!

*Note: Beiges, Khakis, Camel, anything neutral is in right now.

– Sweat Pant Chic

I WANT THESE! They’re Balmain Homme sweatpants. Approx. $600US. A quarter of the price of their jeans. Sweatpants are like man leggings. Worn over boots as seen above, so fresh. Talking about leggings, here are the new versions….

– Jeggings

Yes, those are jeggings. They look like the real thing right? Amazing. Wish they made them for guys…but the man bulge could be a problem. Told you military green was everywhere. Love the model’s hair…love her whole look actually.

– The Hair Cut

I’m not gonna lie. Rihanna was my hair inspiration. This is what my hairstylist friend came up with. I love how it came out, but I can love it a lil more. I’m going in soon to get the blond to white blond like the right pic of Rihanna.

–  Kate Lanphear for Eddie Borgo Jewelry

I DIED! I love this woman. Kate Lanphear is a style icon. Finally someone saw her as more than street fashion blog fodder. Now she’s the face of Eddie Borgo Jewelry. Her signature ultra white blond hair is perfect for this shoot. I wonder if she styled it too. Stacking bracelets on her arms is also one of her signatures. Look for her name in Elle US fashion editorial credits, and see what she can do. See more here.

– Pierre Hardy Colorama Graff Sneakers

The instant I saw these babies I WANTED them. They were made for the Autumn Winter 2010 collection. Alas, my budget for designer sneaker shopping is nonexistent.  And believe me, my heart is breaking. There are so many I want to get out there. Shoe post to come soooooooon.

– Rolex Air-King

The Air King is my favorite model of Rolex watches. It definitely looks like a Rolex and has the appropriate price tag, but it’s less flashy and more timeless. Leave the jubilee wristband for the old-timers. I first saw the Air King on Hypebeast, see here. If only the watch above didn’t have the bold numbers…I like the look of the one seen on Hypebeast better.


Can I just say I resent the fact that every wanna-be fashionista out there is grabbing up Alexander McQueen pieces left and right. If I see one more skull scarf on a fashion blog I might lose my shit!

Love all the people that took a peak at my blog while I was away.

Photo credit: mymanybags blog, ASOS, thehollywoodgossip.com, LuisaViaRoma, Rolex.com