Jules Hamilton by Chiun-Kai Shih

A Single Man

Photo Credit: OHLALA Mag

Shot by Chiun-Kai Shih for Client Magazine

Model: Jules Hamilton

Anything related to Tom Ford is done tastefully with a little sex mixed in. I love anything Tom Ford and the movie ‘A Single Man’ was great too. This editorial captures what the movie is all about, a lonely man trapped in his chic ultra-shine minimal surroundings aching to be released.

Whatever that means. I just think it’s a pretty editorial. I love that over-the-shoulder profile shot.


Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 Gladiators

I loved Burberry Prorsum’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection. The studdedleather jackets, the motorcycle-pant inspired trousers, the down-to-basics colors, but the showstoppers for me were the GLADIATORS.

Yes, others have come out with their own men’s gladiators before. What made these special?

They were perfect. In my opinion, they were the perfect balance of classic gladiators, masculinity, utility, and fashion. They weren’t girly. I don’t have a problem with ‘girly’ things, but these didn’t make me feel too gay, is what I’m saying. As a homo, I can say there is a thing as being too gay.

Anyway, I thought these were cute on the runway and stored that information in the back of my mind until recently. Fast-forward to now, these babies are SOLD OUT in stores everywhere. Too bad, I want them like CRAZY. I would do anything for a pair that fits perfectly. I want no other gladiators. I won’t settle for anything less. They have a shorter version of these floating around but they just don’t cut it.

They retailed for approx. $700 USD. They probably go for some absurd amount on eBay. Wait, don’t go there on the chance they’re for sale. THEY’RE MINE!!!!!!

I’m kidding;) I checked and some asshole is pricing them for the ‘Buy It Now’ price of $2,450 USD. STUPID. Btw, they’re a size 7 US.

I can only dream of owning these now. This always happens to me. Let’s hope I find a pair or something just as good. If I do, I’ll buy them first and have the honor of telling you guys about it:)

Men and Fur

I love fur and this editorial is just beyond. I can only dream of ever touching all that fur. I can just see myself cuddled up at home on the couch with a lush fur coat and a comfy pair of sweats. Among other things 😉

‘Fur Men’ Editorial

Publication: Vogue Hommes International, Spring/Summer 2008 issue

Photographer: Mario Testino

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Carine Roitfeld

Photo Source: Homotography

Waiting For Forever

Waiting for Forever…

Doesn’t that just sound romantic? It’s not just a line, it’s a title of a movie starring Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson.

Watch the Trailer:

In the trailer it says:
“Somewhere in every childhood…there’s someone…we can’t forget.”

I can’t wait to see it! I have a major crush on Tom Sturridge. The lead guy in the movie, Rachel Bilson’s character’s childhood friend. The boy you always wished lived next door. He’s so boyishly handsome. Those bedroom eyes, pouty lips, dark hair, and bad boy smile.

He looks like he’ll break your heart and not even care in the ABOVE photo.

That smile!

I don’t even care if his hair looks dirty. He probably still smells good.

He has pretty defined pectoral muscles for such a thin guy.

Waiting For Forever just reminded me of how a childhood crush feels. The infatuation, innocent feelings, and the numbing pain of your first heartbreak. I remember all my crushes from the time I was four years old. Hey, I was boy-crazy. Still am, in fact. There was Jason, Tommy, Darien, Tim, Christian, and so on and so forth. I can go on forever. But I’ve never LOVED someone or had someone LOVE me back. I want the fairytale, I want sparks. I want everything. And nothing at all. I just want someone who adores me. Someone who’ll think of me when they’re lying in bed at night, pick up the phone and call me because they want to hear my voice.  I want to pack someone’s lunch of left-overs from the night before of a dinner I made for them. I want to have a physical connection with someone who I know I love and loves me back. I want to talk about a future with someone. Someone who wants to take me along for the ride. Someone who will make me laugh and cry and who will make me laugh til I cry. I want someone who will respect me in the morning. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe. I don’t know. I want a commitment. I want a love that lasts…maybe Forever. But til the ONE comes along, or til I find HIM. I guess I’m still waiting…Someone punch me in the face for being this sentimental and romantic.

So, for now. Tom will do;)


Get it? Har-de-har.

Specs + Hot guys = Spectacular.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a post about how HOT it is when a cute, emphasis on CUTE, guy wears specs, also known as eyeglasses if you get don’t get my lingo.

This was brought to the front of my consciousness when a friend showed me this photo of my All-Time Crush James Franco…

Google images

Hot, right? I thought so. I totally went into a fit the second I saw it cuz I haven’t seen him that way before. Always hot, never nerdy of all things. I loved it. I mean, a pretty face is a pretty face that’s all. It can only take you so far. Add substance behind that nice exterior and you have a beautiful person. And though I know James was wearing eyeglasses for a role,  it didn”t make it any less hot.

But I gotta admit, I do love a man wearing  eyeglasses.

Here are a few more examples:

Luv Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Cruel Intentions is in my top-5 fave movies of all time btw.

Did you get chills like I did?

I might make this a regular thing if I find more photos of 4-eyed cuties;D